Buxton Afternoon

An afternoon in the Peak District – and what an afternoon it was!

The beautiful Peak District

As I drove through the meandering hills on my way to Buxton I hoped the rain would keep off.  Ahead lay a walk through the countryside near Buxton, where a pre-wedding party was holding a weekend to celebrate the upcoming big day.

After finding the lodge, I had a short introduction with the party. We all agreed we wanted natural, and not posed images. And for me, it was about getting the right balance between the bride-to-be, the people within the rest of the group and of course the wonderful scenery.

So, here we go….

Once off the beaten track there was a real sense of space of freedom as we walked across fields, and up and over the undulating hills.

There was no sign of any rain – just a covering of cloud that helped make the backdrop quite dramatic.

Stopped. For a spot of lunch.

Lunch was the half way point and after a quick check on direction we we setting off back towards the lodge.

……and as we walked back everyone was enjoying the Buxton air!

And it mustn’t go without saying that walking through the hills at lambing time is a lovely experience

The black sheep

…and soon the lodge was back in sight.   A great experience

And, of course we now have the record of the afternoon we spent walking in the Buxton hills.


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