Music – John Lydon

John Lydon, maybe better known to the over-40’s as Johnny Rotten has been a constant in my life.  Infact, I cannot remember a time without his voice echoing in my head.  That may explain a lot. you may say.  Love him or hate him, most people do both, you can’t ignore the contribution he has made to music and culture in general.

John at Shepherds Bush Empire, London

I have been lucky enough to see John with the Pistols and Public Image Ltd and photograph him in concert.  I have also seen him, photographed him, in other situations – not least on his book tour a few years back.  So here is a selection of my favourite John Lydon images.

Below is Public Image Ltd in 2009.  Perfect.

And finally here’s a picture of John Lydon’s shoes.  Why not?  Well, the interesting thing about these is that I noticed on some very early Pistols shots he wore very similar shoes.  Hmm.

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