Beach Huts

A beautiful setting in a small town called Maldon on the Essex coast.  Nestled in the corner of the Haybridge Basin there is a little bit of the Maldives on the English coast!  Beach Huts that stand above the rising tide.

The beautiful beach huts stand looking out to sea

I spent a day photographing the Beach Huts, from high tide until the sea had receded far into the distance in the afternoon.  The day was perfect for capturing the huts in all their glory – the sun shone and the light changed as the sun moved around them.

The beach huts are homed on a sandy beach, sinking sand infact.  And the scene was slowly unveiled during the day as the tide placed the boats on the shore and revealed the landscape below the water.


A full day at the beach – swimming with camera, sinking into the mud and sand and a few moments just to admire the view!



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